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Lights, Camera, University Program Council

Here at Auburn, we put great value in all aspects of the experience. This means we work hard, play hard, and we do it together. Student involvement can make all the difference, even if that just means taking advantage of all of the events the university holds on almost a daily basis. Interacting with your peers is what makes the Auburn family just that, a family.

Cue, University Program Council (UPC), our campus organization that is responsible for so many of the events that provide students with an escape from class.

LindsayTake it from Lindsay Steelman (Pictured to the left, middle), Assistant Director of Technical Production for UPC, who joined the program her freshman year looking, “to make new friends, and to make a family here, when mine was so far away

Steelman takes great pride in UPC’s mission. “We just really want to make the students here at Auburn feel happy and welcome, and we do care about them.” Steelman explains. “When you had a really hard test, and you come out of there feeling really defeated, we are on the green space with waffles on a stick, cotton candy and carnival games.”

Open Mic nightOn top of giving students these social escapes, UPC provides students the chance to showcase their unique talents. Open Mic Night, held by UPC’s Fine Arts Committee, allows these “hidden gems” to connect with their peers from the stage. “You can come out and literally stand in front of a mic and say what you want. You can sing an original song, you can sing a cover, you can read slam poetry, you can tell some jokes,” Steelman says. “The best part is, you know, when I did my first one I had no idea that there were so many people I walk by everyday that were this funny or this talented, and I just sat there in awe.”


University Program Council, along with so many university programs, work incredibly hard to give students the best experience possible. I think Steelman speaks for all of us in the Auburn family when she says, “I’ll definitely clap for you, even if nobody else does.”

For more information on events or UPC click here!

All photos retrieved from the UPC Facebook Page.

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