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Spring Break Plan of Action

Momma & Papa Busby

As the season of bikinis and martinis descends upon us, my friends and I have scrambled in attempt to make plans for our last spring break as college students. Unfortunately, when making plans for a national holiday of such caliber, one must book hotels and travel arrangements at least three months in advance. Due to my lack of preperation and indecisiveness, I will be returning home to Nashville, Tennessee this year.

Now before you go on pitying me for this seemingly unexciting venture, please note that this year’s change of pace for spring break is a welcome one. I rarely get to visit home throughout the school year, and with true adulthood just around the river bend the money saved on anticipated expenses of a tropical vacation with classmates is a definite bonus.

I know what your thinking, “Anna, please I am simply dying to know how exactly you will make this spring break one for the books!” So, without further ado, this is my plan of action for Spring Break 2016:

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Brother Busby

Main Goal

The overall value to spring break is the much needed rest and relaxation. This is my last semester of college (hopefully), as well as my busiest. With school, work, extracurriculars and job applications I’m flailing to keep my head above sea level in this ocean of preparation for a successful future self. My goal is to return to the last months of my college career anew, and ready to tackle the obstacles of the “real world” I am sure to face sooner than later.


Upon alerting  my mother of my thoughts on returning home for the holiday, she immediately began swaying my decision with promises of a shopping spree. On top of this, some of my best friends reside in Nashville. Keeping my goal of returning better than before in mind, here are the objectives I have set for the week I have in the city:

  • Obtain fabulous and fashionable apparel and accessories via said shopping spree
  • Make beautiful memories with family and freinds missed while I have been away working rigorously on my education
  • Catch up on lost sleep due to nights of last minute cramming and maintaining social appearances
  • Reignite the flame between myself and the love of my life (pictured below), whom I have been separated from for two months now
Winnie Busby


My strategy is simple. Split time evenly between the objectives I have listed above. I plan to spend half of my time in Nashville out on the town, whether it be on the strip with friends or at a restaurant with family. The other half shall be spent cuddling with Winnie, as well as the other family dogs, binge watching Netflix, and begging my mother to treat me with the tentative tenderness and care she so lovingly gave when I was but a helpless child (aka, wait on me and hand foot).

In reality, I am well aware that I will be responsible for household chores and taking care of myself like the adult this world requires one to be to maintain respect and dignity. However, for the purpose of my spring break daydreams we will no longer discuss this very real but very vanilla portion of my visit.

The Nashville Entourage


The true measure of how successful this spring break will be is the bitter-sweet feeling I tend to get as I pack my car with my freshly laundered clothes and the supply of paper towels my mother will surly send me out of the door with. I am always excited to return to Auburn and continue my college experience with my beloved roommates and friends, but leaving my family is never an easy feat. The perfect balance of both emotions will surely mean I had a pleasant enough time to be upset about my departure, but enough time off to crave my college lifestyle once more.

This is my plan of action for Spring Break 2016. May your holiday be filled with as much excitement and rejuvenation as I hope mine to be.

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