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Social Media Release

This is a proof-of-concept post to illustrate the creation of a social media release. It is not an actual release and Corner Coffee is a fictional business.

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Corner Coffee announces their holiday season specialty, the cinna-sation, drink December 5th. The locally cherished coffee and pastry shop has generated quite the buzz in the Auburn area, and Corner Coffee would like to invite the community to celebrate the big reveal.


Carly and Jim Corner are Auburn University graduates, who fell in love with the town and community at first sight.

After the couples vacation to South America in 1999, they fell in love with the culture and the coffee. Since, they have had a dream of bringing the flavor they adore back home with them, and it didn’t stop there.

The Corner’s opened a coffee stand on the Auburn University campus in 2000, and within 5 years had expanded to a shop in downtown Auburn. The shop, with it’s calming ambiance and ample space,  has become a local favorite for students that need to study. Complete with stage and patio, Corner Coffee has hosted live performances of poetry readings and local musicians.

Corner Coffee offers a variety of drinks, from beans imported from Brazil and Columbia to a hot chocolate recipe based down from MeMaw Corner. The shop also offers fresh pastries and other bakery treats. They are best known for their corner coco dark roast and choco-nut croissant.


  • The holiday drink reveal and celebration will be held December 5, 2015, at 6:30 p.m.
  • The event will take place at Corner Coffee located on the corner of Sanford St. and Dunn Ave
  • Entrance is free, but capacity is 60, one in one out
  • Open bar, with appetizers
  • Local musician Matt Stone will preform at 7 p.m.
  • This is Corner Coffee’s first seasonal item and promotional event.
  • The holiday specialty drink to be revealed, called the “cinna-sation” combines a Columbian dark roast with cinnamon and eggnog flavors


“My favorite part is the vibes of the place, I love sitting under the lights on the patio listening to some good music with some good friends.” Carson Williams, senior at Auburn University

“I love all of their drinks already, I am so excited to see what they have coming!” Same Grey, Auburn resident

“We love our community so much, we can’t wait to have everyone in the shop for an event like this. We value everyone’s opinion so much, I can’t wait to hear what they think.” Carly Corner, Founder of Corner Coffee



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