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Purple hair, don’t care

Unless you haven’t been on Instagram for the past few months, you’ve seen your feed flooded by locks in shades of blues, purples, pinks and greens. From ombre to pastel, to pastel ombre, hair trends have varied over the years. The latest trend of pastel colors has bled from the television screen to the streets in your hometown.

Trends tend to recur. Cut-off jeans were big in the ‘70s, Chuck Taylor All Stars were huge in the ‘60s, and both styles are tremendously popular today. One of many reasons the pastel hair trend is so interesting is because it has never been done before.

Though we are used to seeing unusually colored hair on celebrities, we are seeing it more frequently on the ordinary girl. Kimberly Sandy, senior at Auburn University, attributes this to fashion bloggers on YouTube and Instagram. Sandy has generated around 10,000 followers on Instagram. (Photo, left: Flickr)

Sandy has experimented with red, purple and green colors.

“It brightens up everything, even my personality,” said Sandy. “I just feel different, I stand out.”

For most, style is a direct reflection of personality. Whether you want to be seen as hard-working, fun or adventurous, what you wear and how you wear it lets others know something about you upon first glance.

We see hair, apparel and makeup trends go in and out of styles every few months, so why pastel colored hair?

“Everybody likes new things, and it’s funky,” Sandy said.

Change and inimitability are attractive, and hair color is one of many ways to stand out.

So what’s next for hair trends? Will it be something we have seen before, perhaps from another decade, or will the innovation continue?

Featured image: Kimberly Sandy

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