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Student opinion on the downtown area

With the current growth and renovations in the City of Auburn, everyone has an opinion about what they would like to see more of in their respective areas. For both students and residents alike, the downtown area is a valued for social opportunities, shopping and eating.

After taking to the campus, students have common thoughts about what they hope to see more of in the area.

As a whole, students adore the downtown area and all it has to offer. It is alive with history, tradition and memories made over the years. Whether you’re getting some freshly squeezed lemonade, window shopping or grabbing a drink with friends the area is great for reasons specific to every individual in the Auburn family.

“I would like to see more of affordable local restaurants,” said Katarina Hong, senior at Auburn University. “I feel like we are getting all these chain restaurants, and Auburn has more to offer. The local places we have now are a bit pricey, so I’d like to see something original but affordable places for students.”

The people of Auburn have immense pride in localization, whether it be fresh veggies, coffee or art. Supporting vendors and producers of all types in our area is a valued part of the community. Students have also noticed a trend in the new establishments.

Amber Thomas, senior said, “there’re as many pizza places as there are bars.”

Also taking note of the bar scene, Madeleine Scullin, senior said, “I’d like to see more of a sit-down bar, where you can get appetizers and drinks.”

Students desire an environment that is conducive to socializing in a new way. Scullin also touches on recreational activities and shops.

“Maybe some type of pet store would be cool, too.”

As the student population grows, the city expands along with it. New opportunities for recreation, dining and shopping are on the horizon, and students can’t wait.

The eagerness of our growing city has the campus and town abuzz with the excitement of our new shops and restaurants, as well as wishes for what’s to come. Students have a great passion for the town they call home during their time at Auburn University, as they’ve fallen in love with he existing area with high hopes of what is to come.

Featured image: Dorian Ashford

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