Auburn University
Auburn, Ala.

Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations, Marketing Minor | August 2012 - May 2016

GPA: 3.3

Relevant Coursework

  • PR Case Studies: In this class we studied various PR cases in fields like crisis management, internal relations and community relations.
  • Writing for PR: This class entailed writing exercises through creating pitches, blog posts, bios, fact sheets and a media kit.
  • Survey Research Methods: Here, we created a survey to measure the efficiency of The City of Auburn's social media presence. We used Qualtrics to post the survey and analyze results.
  • Style and Design in PR Messages: In this course you can find most of my material on this website, including the coding of the site itself!
  • Communications in Society: This course was particularly interesting. I loved learning more about verbal and nonverbal communication in our culture today. It caused me to challenge my worldview, and understand meaning we create in everyday life.
  • Advertising: In this course we studied various media, vehicles, advertising theories, methods, along with other advertising basics.
  • Retail Marketing: This course involved more math, like solving budgets, discounts and margins on top of learning about the retailing process on different scales.

University Honors & Involvement

I arrived at Auburn with the privilege of having an Auburn Alumni Association Endowed Scholarship post high school graduation in 2012. I have been a part of the Gamma Beta Phi Honor Society(2013-2014) and the Auburn Student Alumni Association(2012-2013).

I believe in Auburn and love it.

I was a third generation Auburn student, and a proud Auburn fan since birth. I grew up coming to the plains on game day weekends, and I fell in love with the Auburn Family at a young age. My time at the College of Liberal Arts here has taught me so much about myself, and I wouldn't trade it for anything.

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